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Find your people. Discover your city. Get to know ASKWHO

Our beginnings 

By moving from London to Dubai, co-founders Matt and Mike experienced how hard it can be to make a ‘home away from home’ and find new friends with similar interests. From this, the idea of ASKWHO was born. 

Both Mike and Matt wanted to connect people who were able to relate, support and motivate each other through shared experiences. After successfully surpassing 200k users in Dubai, the mission to take ASKWHO worldwide has only just begun. With our recent San Francisco launch, let’s dive into what makes ASKWHO so special…

Find your people

From discovering hidden gems in your city’s restaurant scene to exciting local experiences and events – ASKWHO helps users get out of their comfort zones and explore everything going on in their area. Where you can…

  • Join groups based on your interests
  • Attend city-wide events
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and hot spots in your city
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Have good times with amazing people

A note from our co-founder…

“We’re thrilled to be expanding ASKWHO to San Francisco and know that this is only just the beginning of launching our app worldwide. For all of our new users to come I hope you enjoy making friendships that last a lifetime and experiencing the thrills that life has to offer with incredible people by your side!“ – Mike Askew, Co-Founder 

Do more together 

Once you’ve found a niche that aligns with your interests, the real fun begins. Not only do our groups provide an outlet for users to meet new people, but it also encourages them to take part in activities together which helps build stronger relationships and create lasting memories. Within our platform, you can also tap into niche interest tags such as theatre, coffee clubs, pets and nutrition – allowing you to connect and share directly with those who are most interested. 

An event for everyday

Meeting new people can be difficult, especially when you have recently relocated. Our events page allows you to see what’s coming up near you. You never know what you could be getting up to each week. Between paragliding to a weekend festival experience, the possibilities are endless. Plus we have our exclusive ASKWHO community events hosted by us throughout the year, such as boat parties, group camping trips and festive dinners.

Try it for yourself 

At ASKWHO, we believe you get the most out of life through real connections and exploration. This is why we strive to make it easier than ever before for our users to do just that. If you’re ready for a more fulfilling life filled with meaningful experiences – try out ASKWHO today.