About Us

Why Askwho?

Too often we miss opportunities of connecting with those around us. 

The time never seems right to start a conversation, it’s partly down to the shift in the way we socialise and network online; and the social barriers we impose on ourselves.

Askwho was created to reinvent the way we use social media, we connect people around you, in real time. 

We help you to become accessible to those around you, which gives you the opportunity to connect with those who would have passed you by.

You can change which of your social media profiles are available for ASKWHO users to see, got a business conference coming up?  Make sure you switch on your LinkedIn so people can connect with you.  Heading to a beach club? upload those Instagramable shots and allow users around you to view your Instagram account and share the moment.

We’ve created ASKWHO for busy professionals like you!  We know time is precious so we’ve created a save search filter which allows you to save your search results and connect with the people around at a time that suits you, allowing you to let you sit back and focus on the ”now”

ASKWHO is all about the content of you, not the contents you post, there’s no judgment and no need to worry about the likes you will get as ASKWHO is free from comments on your photos …. how refreshing.