ASKWHO Meet-Ups; Top Tips for Meeting New People

From yacht parties to desert visits, ASKWHO meet-ups are always an event to remember. However, taking the leap and attending an event where you don’t really know anyone can be difficult. We get it, it’s daunting. So we’ve put together a few things to keep in mind that will hopefully build your confidence not only in ASKWHO meetups but in other social events too.

Introduce yourself

When we’re nervous we can sometimes just dive right into a conversation without introducing ourselves. Take the time to tell people who you are, what you do and some facts about yourself. This will prompt them to do the same and will skip out any awkward moments of not knowing how to start a conversation. It’s also a great way to learn names which you can then use in later conversations.

Body language 

We often say a lot more with our bodies than we realise. If you get nervous when meeting new people your body language can often give you away. Avoid crossing your arms, stand up tall, smile and try not to fidget. A great way to do that is often by holding something, such as a drink. These small gestures will make you appear open, confident and a lot more approachable. 

Ask questions

The key to success when meeting new people is to be a great listener. Asking questions and actively engaging with their answers shows that you care about what the person is talking about. You’ll also learn more about them, which is the first step to making meaningful friendships. 

Talk about what you’re passionate about

When you talk about something that’s meaningful to you people can tell. Whether you notice it or not, most of the time when people talk about their passions they are more engaged, knowledgeable and confident. So, begin a conversation about your interests and your conversational skills we improve. You may meet someone with like-minded interests or introduce somebody to something new.

Be open-minded

On the opposite end of the scale, when beginning conversions with new people sometimes it can venture into topics you are not familiar with. Staying open-minded and actively listening while asking questions is the ideal way to navigate this. By not shutting the conversation down you may even gain a new perspective or learn something new.

Just dive in 

The ASKWHO meetups may be an activity or event that you wouldn’t normally attend. But it’s great to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you have any questions, start chatting in the meet-up group as other people are also likely to be a little nervous too. 

Over to you

Ready to meet the amazing ASKWHO community in person? Make sure to join our meet-up group for all the information about our upcoming events. We can’t wait to see you there.

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The ASKWHO Guide to The Top 5 Mental Health Apps

Whether you suffer with a particular mental illness or not, taking care of your mental health is one of the most important forms of self-care. How you are feeling can have a huge impact on all areas of your life so it’s a great idea to check in regularly with your mental wellness. With the rise in technology, building these positive habits has never been easier. Mental health apps can be an excellent starting point to provide you with the tools to manage how you’re feeling. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites…

Top Meditation App: Headspace 

App Store rating: 4.9/5

Headspace is a great app for everyday meditation. Whether you’re new or experienced in  meditation there is something for everyone. There are standalone meditations and whole courses to help you tackle larger challenges. A 10-minute session per day can help with reducing stress, building focus, releasing tension and improving sleep however you’re feeling. The sleepcasts are the perfect nighttime meditation to help you fall asleep quicker, more deeply and for longer.


  • 3-20 minute meditations – perfect for however much time you have 
  • Makes daily meditation accessible 


  • Paid app to access the best meditations 

Top Anxiety Management App: MindShift CBT

App Store rating: 4.5/5

Could we include a quick stat in rise of anxiety here. Mindshift CBT gives you the tools to practice cognitive behavioural therapy to relieve anxiety. Helping you to tackle worry, stress and panic this is the go-to anxiety management app. With a daily check-in, the ability to track your progress and a community forum this is a great introduction to CBT to help you feel more relaxed.


  • Evidence-based
  • Free


  • Some issues with flow of user experience

Top Self Care App: Moodfit

App Store rating: 4.7

This is a great app to help track your mood and add a little self care into your life. With personalized daily goals, a gratitude journal, a mood journal, breathing exercises and much more, this is the ultimate tool to check-in with how you’re feeling. 


  • Great for building positive habits 
  • Free version available 


  • Some features required paid membership

Top Therapy App: Talkspace

App Store rating: 4.5/5

Talkspace matches you with licensed therapists and is often a more affordable and convenient option than seeing a psychologist in person. You can send messages to your therapists at any time and schedule in live video sessions. You can also explore additional features such as goal setting, insights, and mindfulness exercises. 


  • 24/7 access to support
  • Support from mental health preofessionals


  • High cost

Top Wellness App: Shine

App Store rating: 4.7/5

With an aim to make taking care of your mental health easier, Shine makes building wellness habits achievable. Their daily meditations have a diverse range of topics proving to be the perfect guide to self-love. You can also get access to weekly self-care courses, an extensive  library of meditations and monthly virtual workshops. 


  • 24/7 access to support
  • Support from mental health preofessionals


  • High cost

Get the support you need 

Remember, these apps provide the tools to create healthier habits. If you or anyone you know suffers from a serious mental health issue, addiction or is feeling suicidal please contact your health care provider. Ring a suicide helpline or 999 in an emergency. 

Have a recommendation?

Let us know which mental health apps you’ve been loving by sharing them with the ASKWHO community. Our wellness group is the perfect place to connect with people looking to boost their wellbeing with your awesome recommendations – you may discover a new mental health app yourself. 

We also have mental health and motivation interests so if you’re looking for tips, advice or support dive in and join discussions going on with like-minded people in your city.

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Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2022 in Dubai

This year in the UK Father’s Day is on June 19th. This is pretty lucky for British people living in Dubai because in the UAE Father’s Day is celebrated on June 21st. With these dates being so close together, there is lots to do to make your Dad super happy this year. So, whether your family is far or near this Father’s Day, we have you covered with these amazing ideas…

For the adventurers

If you’re with your Dad in Dubai, why not head for a surf? Whether you’re looking to rent a board or could do with a lesson, Surf House Dubai has got you covered. Make sure to let the ASKWHO community know if this is the next hot surf spot.

For the art lovers

Ranging from paintings and sculptures to photography and street art, ProArt Gallery is the perfect cultural visit if your Dad loves art. You can see the astounding works from the likes of Dali and Picasso along with some talented new artists that are not to be missed. As one of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary art with the museums as well as the private clients worldwide, this is a must-see for all art lovers in Dubai. Remember to let the ASKWHO art group know what you thought of this gallery too! If your Dad isn’t visiting this Father’s Day check out SINGULART. They work with contemporary creators to bring beautiful artwork to your home (and even ship globally).

For the foodies

You can’t beat going out for a meal on Father’s Day. Looking for somewhere in Dubai? The Crossing is an amazing Indian restaurant and ASKWHO members will receive a complimentary drink and 20% off the total bill. All you have to do is mention ASKWHO when you book and show your profile on arrival. If you’re not with your Dad this Father’s Day, a voucher for their favorite restaurant is also a great idea. 

For the sports enthusiasts

Grab your bike and head for a ride this Father’s Day. For this we recommend Mushrif National Park. With a track all the way around the park, this is the perfect getaway from the city. It’s a good idea to cycle early morning or in the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Share your ideas

The ASKWHO community would love to know what you’re getting up to this Father’s Day. Make sure to head over to the app to share your top recommendations. Still looking for new places to visit? Check out the ASKWHO groups that match your interests for some amazing inspiration from the locals.

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5 Things to Do in Dubai This Summer

It’s starting to heat up in Dubai and we’re so excited for summer. Looking for some new experiences to try? As always, we’ve got you covered with what’s hot near you. So whether you want to soak up the sun or avoid the heat, here’s what you can get up to in Dubai this summer.

Chillout Ice Lounge

Leave the 40°C outside and cool things down with a trip to the Chillout Ice Lounge. As the first ice lounge in the Middle East, take a look at amazing sculptures, unique ice seating and beautiful lighting. You could even ask your fellow ASKWHO foodies to come along because this ice lounge is the first of its kind to serve hot food and beverages. Buy your tickets now.

Scuba Diving 

Whether you’re eager to learn or already have some experience, SeaBreacher has amazing scuba activities for you. From night dives to fun dives, this is a great way to cool down in the Dubai heat. Looking for someone to go diving with? Reach out to the ASKWHO outdoors group to find people who would love to explore the amazing Arabian Sea with you. Learn more

Alserkal Avenue

With new and exciting exhibitions, Alserkal Avenue is one of the regions leading platforms for contemporary art. This summer, make sure to check out The Swimming Pool Exhibition to see a range of amazing art from artists around the world. The exhibition focuses on the dialogue between the different practices and materials used by each artist. The works are linked by the common theme of “the pool” as we see how this influences the pieces. Find a fellow art lover to experience this amazing gallery with on the ASKWHO art group. Explore more.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Ready to explore a fascinating aquatic world? Say hello to sharks, otters and even crocs at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Make sure to share what you get up to with ASKWHO… top tip; the Aquarium Tunnel definitely needs to be checked out. Plan your trip.

Sunrise SUP Yoga 

Experience the beautiful sunrise in a unique setting and get your body moving with SUP yoga. Calm your mind and strengthen your body before the heat hits with this amazing yoga practice. Connect with fellow yogis on the ASKWHO wellness group and find a yoga buddy to share this experience with. Check it out.

Meet up with ASKWHO

Still looking for more things you can get up to this summer? Make sure to join the ASKWHO meet up group to find like-minded people in Dubai. With regular events and activities with the ASKWHO community, get ready for your social calendar to get a lot more busy.

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Want to invest in ASKWHO?

Imagine investing in Facebook in its early days…

Well, you may have an opportunity as we at ASKWHO are opening a round of investment exclusively for ASKWHO users.

This is the last investment round before we head out to institutional investors to scale internationally and we thought why not go to our wonderful community first and let them have a piece of the action.

You all understand our brand and mission, so it’s a perfect match.

To make it possible for you all to get involved our minimum investment size $1,000 USD (around 3,500 AED). There is no maximum investment size and we have put aside $250,000 USD for our community members.

We have already had recent commitments to the value of $55,000 USD from some of our amazing members. 

If you are interested and want to find out more, please click the ‘INVEST IN ASKWHO’ button below and we’ll arrange a follow up meeting for everyone where we will present the business, outline our projections, roadmap and answer any questions you may have around equity and timeframes.

This is a unique opportunity for you all to become a tech investor and support a promising start-up with huge upside potential – Now is the time for you to get onboard!

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Sourcing your Team; 6 Hiring Tips for New Businesses

At ASKWHO we’re lucky to have the most amazing team. However, it’s not always smooth sailing and you learn a lot of things along the way. So we’d love to share with you some of our tips for when you’re sourcing the team for your new business.

1 Don’t hire yourself

It may seem simple but it’s very easy to hire what you know. Make sure that the people you hire are different from you, with unique skillsets. You need to find people that will bring something different to your business and help it thrive. When beginning to source your team, individual differences are your strength.

2 Hire people you get on with

It’s so important for you and your colleagues to enjoy work. That’s why it’s important to hire people that have a complementary personality within a team. Organisational culture depends on attracting, onboarding and retaining quality staff that support and work well with each other. Once this is achieved there is a cohesion that boosts productivity.

3 Passion passion passion

I’ll say it again… passion. Recruit people who are fundamentally driven by your mission – it should fulfil their purpose or underlying values. In return, you will get a happier more productive workforce with determination to succeed. This offers a motivation that you cannot find in someone who is just there to “do the job” and pay the bills. Remember when you love something, it won’t feel like work.

4 Hire people that ask questions

If at the end of an interview the participant has no questions to ask – chances are they are not that interested in the role. A good candidate should be inquisitive in what the role entails. The interview process is a two-way street – both employer and candidate should be assessing the opportunity to collaborate so questions from the interviewee are essential.

5 Hire people better than you

You need to be constantly on the lookout for talent within your industry. If you leave an interview in awe of a candidate don’t let them go. This new talent is the key to growing your business.

6 Take care of the employees that take care of you

One of the most important things that you will ever do is reward your employees; especially those who stand out from the crowd. Rewarding and recognizing your team has been proven to improve organisational values, enhance team efforts and increase customer satisfaction.

Sourcing the right team is the first step to growing a thriving business. Take the time at the interview stage to ensure this candidate is the right fit for the role and your company. Once hired, take care of them. When you have a team built on these 6 areas, you will reach new heights together, and along the way – have a laugh too.

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How Your Community Can Lift Your Mood

Every day, try to take even a moment to prioritize your own mental health by finding ways to lift your spirits and create a healthier mindset.

Community, Relationships, and Mental Health

Relationships are what’s important in life. People who are more socially active and take part in their community tend to be physically and mentally healthier, and live longer lives. 

Here’s how your community shapes your mental wellbeing:

  1. Community Support 

There’s nothing like feeling supported by other people and knowing you have people to rely on. It changes how you feel about yourself. It makes you believe in yourself. That self-belief is vital for good mental wellbeing. It’s more than just having people be there for you – being there for others and supporting them feels great too. 

  1. Communal Connections

“Community” goes beyond just close relationships. It’s your connection to everything around you. Where you live, where you work, where you learn – all of these are connected. They all play a part in making people feel included and valued. Studies show a sense of belonging is one of the strongest indicators for mental wellbeing. An ASKWHO community is a place where you belong. 

  1. Acting on Feelings of Inclusion 

Working together with others in the community and doing collective activities improves your sense of shared identity. It also helps you stay calm during difficult times. It’s easier to get through a tough situation when you feel welcome and accepted. 

Get Involved With Your Community

Socialising and being part of a community is all about spending time with people and doing things you care about. So how do you socialise more and be a bigger part of your community…

  1. Spark a Conversation 

Do you say you never have the time to see friends and family? Make time. Call people and talk to them or do something together. Hit the gym together, have a party, enjoy some good food at a new restaurant or familiar favourite. Just spend time together. 

  1. Introduce Yourself to New People 

The easiest way to meet new people is to dive right in. Introduce yourself to your neighbours or people you come into contact with. Say “hi” to that person at the gym or your regular coffee spot. There’s plenty of social interaction if you know where to look – and you can look anywhere. 

  1. Join Groups 

There are so many groups looking for someone just like you. Take an interesting class and talk to the people there. Join social media groups built around your interests. 

Don’t forget that Facebook isn’t the be all and end all of social media. ASKWHO has organized, tailored groups to create more engaging conversations and deeper friendships. It’s time to get involved and boost your mood by making true friendships with ASKWHO.

Are You Ready to Make New Friends? See What ASKWHO Has to Offer

Making new friends and talking to current ones is great for your mental health. There’s no better way to relax and unwind than spending time with the people you know and love. If you’re looking to make new friends, you should check out ASKWHO. 

ASKWHO has the best group features to help turn online friends into real ones. 

Find people who share your interests and create lasting friendships. See what ASKWHO has to offer and enjoy all the benefits to your wellbeing that comes with being part of an active and friendly community. 

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The ASKWHO Guide; What’s Happening in May in Dubai

After spending Eid Al-Fitr with friends and family in April, May can seem pretty quiet. If you want to get out and about then ASKWHO has got you covered. Let’s take a look at what’s on… 

Light up the sky

Firework displays are a great way to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr and Dubai has some of the best displays in the world. 

One of our favourite displays is at the Global Village where they have firework shows every Friday and Saturday night. During Eid Al-Fitr you will be able to see the incredible show every night until May the 7th. If you’re looking to enjoy the fireworks with a friend head to the ASKWHO groups plus the fireworks start at 9 pm so you have time to explore the village beforehand. 

Fancy a laugh?

If you’re up for some entertainment then Dubai Comedy Show is the place to be. This 11-day long festival promises top-quality comedy and some variety shows all over Dubai. Plus The Comedy Factory will be hosting comedians such as ​​Aurie Styla, Ger Saunton and Ali Sultan. You can check out the lineup and buy tickets here

The festivals for foodies

Get ready to taste some of the most amazing food Dubai has to offer. Fine dining experiences, gourmet meals and watching world-class chefs are only some of the things you can get up to during the Dubai Food Festival. On until the 15th of May get your tickets here. If you do go make sure to head to the ASKWHO foodie group and leave your recommendations for fellow food lovers.   

Fun for the whole gang

Group activities are a great way to meet new people, here are some activities that we recommend… 

Ekart Zabeel is an open-air kart track located on top of the Dubai Mall Zabeel. Find your need for speed in the high-end electric karts and enjoy the views of the Dubai skyline. 

The Dubai Aquarium This underwater zoo holds 100s of species, you can find yourself cage-snorkelling, hanging out with otters or even swimming with sharks. 

The Brass Monkey on Blue Waters Island is a great place to challenge your friends to a round of air hockey or Pac man. 2 storeys of entertainment from a bowling alley to arcade games.  

Find your group
There’s plenty to do over this month, all you need now is people to enjoy these amazing events with. Why not head to ASKWHO where there’s a group of like-minded individuals just waiting to meet you?

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Art and food lovers meet up – ASKWHO just got better!

For ASKWHO members we are offering you and a friend the opportunity to attend a FREE exclusive gallery event hosted by amazing artists, in the heart of Dubai near the Burj Al Arab on the 11th of May. 

Food and refreshments will be provided FREE of cost. We only have limited space for 150 people – Please fill out the below form with your details and submit it. This is first come first serve, so make sure you fill out your form as soon as possible. 

– Date: 11th of May

– Dress code: Smart / Casual

– Time: 6pm – 9pm

– Location: click here!

– Parking is limited so getting to the venue by taxi is better.

This is a great opportunity to meet new people and get to know others like you!

There will be amazing artists who will discuss the designs and visions for their unique pieces of art, in a state of the art brand new facility.

Don’t miss out on this! 35% of the spots are already taken. 

Sign Up

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How to Make New Friends as an Adult

The struggle to make new friends as an adult is real. Without school, university or clubs and with many people busy with work and family commitments, meeting new people can be tricky. But the benefits of making new friends at any age cannot be overlooked. Maybe you’re looking for a positive addition to your life, some new company or putting yourself back out there. The problem is that making friends as an adult is a lot more difficult than when you were younger. 

The Difficulties of Making New Friends

When we’re younger we make friends really quickly. You spend all your time at school and afterwards together. As an adult, it’s hard to make new friends that you don’t have that shared history with. The strong foundation to build a friendship on is not there. 

It’s also tough making new friends because of all your responsibilities. How are you supposed to make friends when you’re busy with work, with your partner or have family commitments? Where are you going to find the time? 

Making friends should be easy, but now it’s become a challenge and you don’t know why or what you can do about it. 

Tips on How Make Friends as an Adult

  1. Get Involved

It sounds obvious, but the only way you’ll make new friends is to dive right in. Put yourself in the mindset of wanting to talk to people. It might take a little mental preparation, but you’ll get there. Need a helping hand? Go to an event that you’re interested in and you’ll have a shared interest with the people there. This makes starting a conversation much easier! Make sure to find out what’s going on near you on ASKWHO.

  1. Find New Groups 

One way to make new friends is to find new groups. Facebook Groups is an option but it’s messy, confusing and you’re unlikely to make a true friendship. Social media is a great place to start, but you need something better than Facebook. ASKWHO groups are brilliant for meeting local people who share your interests and starting friendships. 

There are plenty of offline groups to join too. Why not volunteer or a sports team? Join an adult education class and make new friends while learning new skills. Take part in something new and see what you learn – and who you meet. ASKWHO is the place where you can take online friendships into reality. Head on over and get some inspiration.

  1. Set Reasonable Expectations 

You’re probably not going to make friends with everyone you meet. You’re also not going to be best friends with someone after one conversation. It actually takes an average of 90 hours to make a real friend – double that for a best friend. Take your time. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. 

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Take the Initiative 

It might be on you to start the interaction and that’s okay. Some people may not have the confidence to begin a conversation so they’ll be grateful that you did. You may even be both thinking the same thing, hoping the other person will speak first. So just dive right in. Break the ice by asking their thoughts and opinions or asking some basic questions to get to know them. 

Still nervous? Head on over to ASKWHO and meet people who are already into the same things as you. We take the awkwardness out of first conversations.

Meet People on ASKWHO

ASKWHO is the hot new social network for people in Dubai looking to connect. Take your online friendships offline and create lasting memories with lifetime friends. Download ASKWHO, join a group, and meet your people.

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