Celebrating American Culture in Dubai

The Fourth of July has just passed, and you might be suffering from some post-celebration red white and blues. Luckily, appreciating American culture doesn’t have to be restricted to just one day. If you want to keep the USA party going, read on…

Foodie’s paradise

The best way to spend a day in classic American style is, of course, with great food. No need to settle on just one meal to go all-out for – Dubai boasts tons of great brunch options. 

STK Steakhouse is home to the multi award-winning Dare to Brunch. Half party, half all-star meals, for half the price.

Celebrating the States doesn’t mean the rest of the world’s off the table. Head to KOYO on Saturday for dinner and a show – their Kabuki Double Brunch is a great spot to socialize, Tokyo-style. Don’t worry if you’re not a morning person; with shows running from 1pm and 8pm, it’s an all day affair. 
If you’d prefer to turn up the volume, Lock Stock & Barrel’s your spot. Bottomless drinks and a fully-loaded menu, set to the tune of live rock. Plus, Mondays mean unlimited hot sauce-covered wings. Getting messy never felt so good.

Stars and stripes

Hit up one of the many galleries in Dubai for a splash of shape and color. The Lawrie Shabibi currently has an exhibit from Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim. Embryonic Coat offers a bright exploration of memory, both experiential and DNA-based. Don’t forget, you can always head over to the ASKWHO app and see which amazing art spaces the community thinks you should visit.

Go big or go home

For a full-throttle homage, get a bucket-list adventure under your belt. Even better, get two checked off. Remember how you’re always saying you want to meet new people? Reach out in the water sports tag on ASKWHO and book a flyboard session together. You’ll make new friends and great memories hovering above the water – pretty unique as far as first hangouts go.

Keep your animals safe

For pet-owners, all-American style celebrations can be a bit stressful. Loud noises don’t always mix well with animals, and none of us like seeing them in distress. If you’re attending a fireworks display or if one is happening near you, consider checking your pet into a daycare with BOOKMYPET.COM. You don’t have to worry about being out all day, and the noise won’t leave your furry friends upset. ASKWHO users also get 35 AED off with the code ‘askwho’.

Share your ideas

Any States-inspired events you’re planning that we’ve missed? Let the community know what you’re getting up to, and any spots you recommend, over on the app. Want even more inspiration? Explore your interest groups on ASKWHO for some friendly, local advice.

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