How Many Friends Should You Have? The Different Types of Friendship

In the world of social media, the line between ‘friend’ and ‘acquaintance’ has become fairly blurred. It’s easier than ever to connect with new people, and with ASKWHO you can turn them into friends, not just followers. But, when it comes to friends, how many is the ideal number? 

The big three

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘friends for different seasons, friends for different reasons’. It’s true, there are distinct, different types of friendship. Three, in fact, at least according to Aristotle. 

1 – Friendships of utility

Your neighbor who always cat-sits when you’re away? Likely a friendship of utility. This usually exists between people who have some use to each other. It’s a more transactional friendship, limited to the services you provide one another. There might be more of a sense of turn-taking, keeping track of who owes who the next favor. Maybe some of the very first people you met when you arrived in Dubai would fall into this category. 

These necessary bonds might sound a bit lacking, but they often act as the starting point for developing one of the other two kinds. They also make your daily life much easier, particularly when you’re starting out in a new place. The pets tag on ASKWHO is the perfect way to find that cat-sitter for the next time you’re away. 

2 – Friendships of pleasure

Put simply, these are the kinds of friendships between you and the people you like being around. Unlike friendships of utility, you thoroughly enjoy some part of these friends’ personalities, and usually share some similar interests. 

This might translate to them being your go-to activity pals. Finding this type of friend can seem tricky, though. What if you want to try something new but don’t want to go alone? ASKWHO can solve that catch-22. Whether you’re into gaming, brunching, theater or fitness, there’s a group for you just waiting to make new connections. 

3 – Friendships of the good

The longest to build, but the hardest to break. Friendships of the good arise with those you share a mutual respect with. You have the same goals, value the same things, and truly understand each other. A lot of people think these are unattainable unless you’ve been friends for life, but that’s actually not true. Meeting others who share your outlook at any stage in your life could result in this relationship. It’s especially easy when you can join groups who value what you do – that’s why ASKWHO is a great place to find this type of connection. 

There you have it

You’re going to form plenty of different types of friendships throughout your life. There really is no golden number, it’s about what works for you. Some will fit cleanly into each of these three categories, others will be more of a mix. But making friends is never a negative – every new person you meet brings you a step closer to finding those long-lasting bonds. Introduce yourself on ASKWHO today and see which types of friendships you could make.

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