How to Make New Friends as an Adult


The struggle to make new friends as an adult is real. Without school, university or clubs and with many people busy with work and family commitments, meeting new people can be tricky. But the benefits of making new friends at any age cannot be overlooked. Maybe you’re looking for a positive addition to your life, some new company or putting yourself back out there. The problem is that making friends as an adult is a lot more difficult than when you were younger. 

The Difficulties of Making New Friends

When we’re younger we make friends really quickly. You spend all your time at school and afterwards together. As an adult, it’s hard to make new friends that you don’t have that shared history with. The strong foundation to build a friendship on is not there. 

It’s also tough making new friends because of all your responsibilities. How are you supposed to make friends when you’re busy with work, with your partner or have family commitments? Where are you going to find the time? 

Making friends should be easy, but now it’s become a challenge and you don’t know why or what you can do about it. 

Tips on How Make Friends as an Adult

  1. Get Involved

It sounds obvious, but the only way you’ll make new friends is to dive right in. Put yourself in the mindset of wanting to talk to people. It might take a little mental preparation, but you’ll get there. Need a helping hand? Go to an event that you’re interested in and you’ll have a shared interest with the people there. This makes starting a conversation much easier! Make sure to find out what’s going on near you on ASKWHO.

  1. Find New Groups 

One way to make new friends is to find new groups. Facebook Groups is an option but it’s messy, confusing and you’re unlikely to make a true friendship. Social media is a great place to start, but you need something better than Facebook. ASKWHO groups are brilliant for meeting local people who share your interests and starting friendships. 

There are plenty of offline groups to join too. Why not volunteer or a sports team? Join an adult education class and make new friends while learning new skills. Take part in something new and see what you learn – and who you meet. ASKWHO is the place where you can take online friendships into reality. Head on over and get some inspiration.

  1. Set Reasonable Expectations 

You’re probably not going to make friends with everyone you meet. You’re also not going to be best friends with someone after one conversation. It actually takes an average of 90 hours to make a real friend – double that for a best friend. Take your time. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. 

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Take the Initiative 

It might be on you to start the interaction and that’s okay. Some people may not have the confidence to begin a conversation so they’ll be grateful that you did. You may even be both thinking the same thing, hoping the other person will speak first. So just dive right in. Break the ice by asking their thoughts and opinions or asking some basic questions to get to know them. 

Still nervous? Head on over to ASKWHO and meet people who are already into the same things as you. We take the awkwardness out of first conversations.

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