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Take a Bite Out of These Cooking Tips and Find Friends in Dubai

As the cooler nights start to roll in and we opt to spend more hours outdoors here in Dubai, we also have more time on our hands to explore different hobbies and skills. 

Fancy baking a delicious treat or cooking up your most-loved dish? Cooking is an amazing social activity whether you’re hosting or it’s a joint effort all round. Check out these tips for advancing your cooking skills and becoming the chef you’ve always wanted to be…

My compliments to the chef

One of the best ways to explore new flavours and dishes is to get inspiration from your favorite restaurants. So why not get out and experience a taste of something new at one of these events in Dubai …

  • Close your eyes and let your other senses get to work. Dinner in the Dark at Fresh Basil, Bab Al Qasr, is an immersive experience where you eat in a pitch-black room. Chat with fellow diners and guess the flavours, until the end when ​​the lights get turned on and the dishes are finally revealed.  
  • Located on Bluewaters Island, The Pods give you stunning views of Dubai Marina. The Pan Asian menu includes Chinese and Japanese dishes, from dim sum to sushi – make sure to try the beef rendang curry, it’s soft, spicy and sweet.
  • If you believe that there is always room for dessert, then you will love BRIX. The restaurant creates a unique dessert experience, as it has the UAE’s only dessert-tasting menus. The wide-ranging menu includes milk cake, tiramisu, carrot cake and cheesecake.

These immersive experiences are definitely on our list of must-try ​​things to do in Dubai at night. Meet people in Dubai to share incredible dining nights with under the ASKWHO restaurants tag.

Practise makes perfect

The best way to advance a skill is by practising. Why not host your own dinner party this festive season? Showcase the food you make best while setting yourself a challenge to cook a fresh dish specially for the night. Let’s look at some dinner party theme inspiration… 

Family heritage: Have a fun night exploring your guest’s family heritage, when you invite everyone to ​​make a treasured family recipe.

Pizza for everyone: Making pizza is fun, but making pizza with friends is even better. Set up the ultimate toppings bar for your guest to customise their own. 

Decades party: Throw it back to a decade of choice and indulge in the best dishes from that era. Elevate your event by adding a dress from the decade costume element. 

Enjoy the best of fun things to do in Dubai by finding friends you can invite to any event. Reach out to fellow food lovers on our ASKWHO foodies group. 

Bon Appetite

Developing any type of skill or hobby can be incredibly rewarding and help you find a new passion. Now that we have looked at a couple of ways to boost those chef skills, we want to share with you the best cooking combo of all …

… that is sharing your journey with those who are currently doing the same and loving it.

Get cooking tips and share your top tricks with the ASKWHO foodies group. Chop it like it’s hot this November and join ASKWHO.

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