Why Groups are the New Social Media Norm

Social media. Love it or hate it you can’t deny that it has changed the world. A huge part of social media is online groups. These virtual hangouts allow people with similar interests to share their thoughts, opinions and meet new people.

So while we may not love all parts of social media, groups definitely have the potential for a positive impact. With new and existing platforms alike being built around groups, their use for good is being recognised. Social media groups are becoming the new norm and here’s why….

1. The Community 

Everyone wants to be part of a community. It’s an instinctual social need. We need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Joining a social media group is a great way to be part of a community. You’ll find it easier to talk to people who share your interests anywhere in the world. ASKWHO made it even easier to find people in Dubai that share your interests – a community where you feel like you belong.

2. Shared Interests 

How do you spend your time? Whether you live in the gym, are a bit of a foodie, or enjoy exploring and experiencing new things, the best recommendations always come from like-minded people. A group is the best way to explore and learn more about a shared interest. ASKWHO has organized groups specific to your interests so you can discover what you love like never before.

3. Make Genuine Connections 

Groups let you make genuine connections. Think about it. How many of those followers that “like” your posts are real people, never mind real friends? Only a small portion. Joining a group filters this out. You’ll make genuine friends and not have to worry about fake followers.

4. Get Your Questions Answered 

Some things are easier to ask than others. A group can be a safe space to get your questions answered. That’s why ASKWHO has women-only groups so you can ask questions without fear or judgement. Of course, you may have a question on the lighter side. Perhaps you want to know about the best dining spots in Dubai for vegetarians. Why not ask them in a group dedicated to it and spark a real conversation? Ask questions and get answers from real people, not Google.

5. Create Lasting Friendships

Shared interest and living in the same place? That’s a great way to start a friendship. Who said that an online group has to stay online? Bring the digital world to reality by making friends and meeting in real life. Join ASKWHO and find people in Dubai and find gym buddy, a fellow foodie, a gaming mate and more…

Ready to Make Friends, Not Followers? 

With all that to gain, it’s no surprise that social media groups are becoming the new social norm. That’s what ASKWHO is all about. Share your interests, join a community, and get support from friends when you need it. 

You need a platform that makes it easy to join and use groups. Facebook Groups are one of the earlier examples of social media groups, but they’re also one of the worst. They are unorganized and unregulated and just not fun to be in.

What you need is an organized, respectful platform for groups where you can meet people online and offline. You need a platform like ASKWHO. Download ASKWHO and discover the benefits of social media groups for yourself.

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